Eden Hazard says he WILL sign a new contract at Chelsea

The speculation continues and will continue some more, regarding the contracts of Chelsea’s two Belgian stars Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois.

There was some false news reported this week stating that Hazard had agreed to join Real Madrid this summer, however this had proved to be untrue.

Originally it was felt that Hazard would be taking some time to think about the new contract offer from Chelsea, and a lot would depend on whether Courtois would be signing his new deal.

On Thursday evening the pair watched the NBA in London and seemed to confirm that they will both be signing new deals with the club.

Hazard spoke to The Mirror who asked him if he will be signing a new contract with the reigning Premier League champions, to which the 27-year old attacker replied ‘Yes’.

He went on to say “I think Thibaut first, then I will sign”.

Courtois’s contract is up sooner than Hazard’s so naturally he will be signing a deal first. But I have been told that they have spoken to each other privately regarding this and have both decided to sign new deals, and that they had to make sure one was signing before the other signed.

There has also been a video circulating social media where a Chelsea fan caught up with Hazard and said “Don’t leave Chelsea, yeah?”. To which he smiled and replied ‘NEVER!’

Make of the latter what you will, but it seems like a pinch of salt comment and some banter from the winger, who has clearly got his eyes turned by the attention from Real Madrid.

But for both players to sign a new deal will be considered a win for all parties, and Chelsea fans will rejoice. They know that this will add huge value on the players heads. As well as the fact that anything can happen in time and they will hope that Hazard will eventually decide to stay down the line and not just sign a new deal.

Simon Phillips


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